Letter to the Khayelitsha Development Forum and request for follow-up meeting

Note: To our supporters of our struggle and to the media, the following letter was sent to the Khayelitsha Development Forum. They seem to have ignored our overtures towards having an open and productive discussion with them. It is unfortunate that they continue to claim that they represent us but yet are not even willing to meet with us! We, as the unemployed community of Khayelitsha, hope that our actions will force the democratisation of the development process where we as the community have a say.

16 January 2012

Attention: The chairperson of KDF

CC: Secretary

Request for a follow up meeting with Khayelitsha Development Forum (KDF)

After the meeting that was held at Training Centre on the 15 January 2012, the communities of Khayelitsha had a mass meeting at Andile Nhose in Mandela Park to analyse the situation with regards to the Khayelitsha hospital and the stance of the KDF.

Our communities whom are mostly unemployed have been following the employment issue at the hospital ever since the posts were first advertised in the community newspapers such as Vukani and City Vision.

However, KDF has been acting without us by meeting with officials of the Health Department without informing the people of Khayelitsha. Thus, even though we have been trying to find out more information about the hospital, the lack of accountability and transparency from the KDF meant that we did not have any information about the recruitment process. The KDF never reported back to us about employment at the hospital.

Nevertheless,, the KDFhas nowattempted to undermine the people who have started to protest. We feel that the KDF is trying to hijack our struggles for employment in the hospital. This is contradictory because KDF is also serving in the Board of Directors of the hospital. We see that the KDF is trying to play from both sides of the fence.

The KDF has criticised many of our protests by painting us as thugs and undisciplined people even though we have been peaceful. Furthermore, the chairperson of the KDF said in a meeting held in Graceland on the 10 January 2012 that: ‘if you are going to protest in that hospital again, do that at own risk. The KDF won’t be accountable for such’. In a nutshell, while the KDF is against us protesting, they hypocritically advocate protests under their own banner and control.

The communities of Khayelitsha are proposing a meeting with KDF at Andile Nhose to discuss the issues cited above and to understand the angle of the KDF with regard to the protests. We request an answer to this proposal within 48 hours and alert us when the KDF can be available for such a meeting. Because this is an urgent matter we hope you will be available for this meeting not later than the coming weekend.

Yours for transparency,

Zama Timbela


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