Ayanda Kota: We are all in the same boat

Solidarity Statement with the Unemployed People’s Movement in Grahamstown
13 January 2012

As Backyarders we view the security forces including the police as part of those who are suppressing poor people from raising in public genuine issues that affect us. The state including SAPS maintain the fear of a possible mass rebellion and are embarking on psychological intimidation and physical brutality against us.

As social activists, we are not shaken by the actions of government. It is clear this government does not like its own people but only appreciates those who always follow their line. If you are strongly and actively opposing the agenda of those in power, then you get punished.

Ayanda Kota is unfortunately one of those target by the state. He was arrested and then assault in full view of his child and others at the Grahamstown Police Station. We know he is not alone. He has been targeted in the same way as Andreas Tatane and countless other activists all over the country.

The question we should ask now is who is next?

So as poor black people who continue to be marginalised under the black government we can predict what would happen to us and our families when we also are outspoken and defiant.

Negesixhosa siyabaphazamisa abatyayo. This simply means that if we causing problems for those who eat first (the elite), they will react with oppression towards us.

As poor blacks we can expect this kind of treatment in every township, in every city in South Africa. We can expect police brutality to continue for as long as we allow

it to happen. The irony that it is all happening under a black government is not lost on us. Verwoed must be smiling in his grave because these attacks on our people continue even while the same people are telling us that we are free.

We salute you Comrade Ayanda Kota. Ayanda, remember one thing: we are all in the same boat.

For comment, please contact Loyiso Mfuku @ 0737662078

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