The Khayelitsha 10 to appear in Court this morning

11 January 2012

The Khayelitsha 10, arrested during the protest outside new Khayelitsha Hospital yesterday morning will appear in Khayelitsha Magistrate court today at 09h00.

The community has vowed to intensify their protest until their members are released.

This is another sad day in South Africa where the state responds to peaceful civil disobedience with brutality. It must be put on record that the reason residents were so upset at yesterday’s protest was because government leaders failed to give an honest and transparent account of the employment situation and also because subsequently resident’s C.V.’s were found in the dustbin.

While arrest were made of 10 residents, a meeting between community leaders, hospital management and Khayelitsha Development Forum went ahead at 3pm to give us feedback on our demands. At the meeting, the KDF acknowledged the blunder and suggested a follow up meeting which will take place this coming Friday, 13 January, at 3pm.

The venue is still unknown. However, we anticipate residents of Khayelitsha will show their numbers and express their indignation. We have been ignored and thrown in the dustbin for way to long!

Lets meet tomorrow outside Khayelitsha court at 09am.

For more info contact Khaya at 0780241683

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