Residents protest outside new CT hospital

Graeme Raubenheimer | EWN

More than a hundred angry Khayelitsha residents are set to protest outside the newly-constructed hospital in the area on Monday morning.

The group from Mandela Park claimed local authorities overlooked them when employing staff for the facility.

The two-year construction project has been completed and will be fully staffed when it opens its doors in January.

Monica Kulati from the Mandela Park Backyarder claims the process was improper as they only heard about the employment opportunities in the newspaper at the last minute.

“We are upset about the things happening in the hospital. They said we must give our CVs but they don’t give us enough time,” she said.

They have demanded Western Cape Health MEC Theuns Botha accept their list of grievances.

Botha said he was not aware of the protest.

“There are almost 700 positions advertised. It was advertised very thoroughly. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the process,” he said.

(Edited by Lisa Bartlett)

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