No! Land, No House! No, Vote! Summit (our votes are conditional)

14th of May 2011 No Land! No House! No Vote! summit will be held at Mandela Park, by Mandela Park Backyard Dwellers.

While the Democratic Alliance will be hosting it’s final National campaign Rally at O R Thambo community hall on the 14th May 2011, Abahlali baseMjondolo Western Cape will be joining the Mandela Park Back yard dwellers in their No! Land, No! House, No! Vote summit.ABM WC would like to appeal to many voters who have not yet decided to vote, not to sell their votes to any political parties, we are saying our vote is precious and is not for sale and our vote are conditional.

and we appeal to those who have decided to vote for particular political parties, not to vote for specific political party but to vote for all of them because all are hungry for your x and all are the same.
Voting for ANC or Voting for DA won’t make any difference it’s like voting to change the driver of the same bus that goes to the same direction.

We will only willingly give our vote to any political party that adhere to these 10 demands:

1.  actively oppose all water and electricity disconnections
2.  actively oppose all evictions
3.  actively support the occupation of unused land to house the poor
4.  actively support the right of all people to organise freely, including outside of and against political parties
5.  actively provide non-party political support to community initiatives like crèches, food gardens and so on
6.  actively support the demand for fair and effective policing to ensure the safety of everyone in poor communities
7. actively support the right of all communities to plan their own future by democratising development via mechanisms like participatory budgeting and popular urban planning
8. Will only take a basic living wage for themselves and out the rest of their politician’s salaries into community controlled projects in poor communities
9. Will take instruction from above, by party bosses, or from below, from their electorates
10. Will give the people that elected them the right to recall them if they do not allow the people to lead them from below

For more comment call Mzonke Poni ABM WC chairperson @ 073 2562 036
About NO LAND NO HOUSE NO VOTE Summit call Loyiso Mfuku @ 073 766 2078


About antieviction

The Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign was formed on November 2000 with the aim of fighting evictions, water cut-offs and poor health servi
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