Backyarders to hold mass meeting tomorrow at 2pm challenging ban by Khayelitsha police

The Mandela Park Backyarders will be holding a mass meeting tomorrow the 20th of November at 2pm at Andile Nhose Community Centre.

According to the law, we do not have to notify the police of any gathering in our own community hall.  So, even though the police instructed us not to hold any more mass meetings at Andile Nhose we will be asserting our right to assembly tomorrow.The meeting will discuss the housing crisis in Mandela Park and MEC Madikizela’s refusal to meet with the community.  We will also be discussing the politically motivated firing of Backyarders from the construction site at the instruction of Madikizela

Media, activists and anyone else are welcome to attend the meeting.  We will do our best to guarantee the safety of all outsiders if the meeting is interrupted and/or attacked by the police.

For directions or more information, contact:

Khaya @ 078 024 1683
Sluja @ 071 433 1101
Nolinki @ 082 267 8118

** Click here for previous press release **

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