Update: Police hunting Backyarders

Update: 17h15 on 16 November 2010

(Click here for original statement from earlier in the day)

Police seem to be hunting the Mandela Park Backyard Dweller leadership.

Police arrived at Andile Nhose Community Centre this afternoon in convoy (3 police vans and 2 police cars).  They went up to Sisi Nomangesi, one of the teachers at the Mandela Park Community Creche – a project of the Backyarders.

According to her, they were looking desperately for ‘the people who call the housing meetings’ and looking to arrest someone, anyone from the Backyarders.  Nomangesi says that they said they were coming to attend a community meeting.  When she then told them there was not meeting there, the police left.
After a while, the police convoy returned again looking for Backyarders. Sisi Nomangesi asked why the police had come back and she told them that there was no meeting, that the creche is busy and that they are disturbing the children with their guns.

The police replied that they were patrolling Andile Nhose.   Sisi Nomangesi then told them if they are patrolling the area then they need to patrol on the street where the criminals are and not at the creche where the children are.

It is clear that the police are on the hunt looking to arrest any Backyarder who has been forward in the movement.  But Backyarders will not let the police prevent them from holding a mass meeting tonight.  If they interrupt the meeting, they will just have to arrest all of us.

For more info on this update, contact:

Loyiso @ 073 766 2078
Mhlope @ 078 665 9061
Nomangesi @ 073 319 6086

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