Dear Honourable Minister Tokyo Sexwale – Re: Second letter on Mandela Park housing crisis

Dear Honourable Minister Tokyo Sexwale,
cc’ Deputy Minister Zoliswa Kota-Fredericks
cc’ Chairperson Beauty Dambuza in the National Assembly
cc’ DHS Director General
cc’ DHS Anti-Fraud & Anti-Corruption Unit



Subsequent to our letter received by your office on Tuesday 12 Oct 2010.

We have not heard from your office since the above letter
The issue is becoming very hot and needs your urgent attention
We further question the credibility of the reports you get from theMEC of Human Settlement in the Western Cape Province
We regret to inform you that as Mandela Park Back-Yarders inKhayelitsha Western Cape, we are going to continue defending ourpercentage from housing projects that become known to us in our area.

On the 21 Oct 2010 we have found hooligans sent by the councilor Mr.Rider Mkhutswana of ward 97 to come and disrupt the building of the houses in the area.

Evident to this one minor that we caught in action during the disruption by the name of Lindelwa Chanyana confirmed that Mr.Mkhutswana advised them act as such.

At first she was reluctant to tell us about who sent them but,eventual she confirmed that they were sent by the councilor and thathe emphasised that his name must not be mentioned.
She further informed us that at a particular meeting Mr. Mkhutswana told them that houses being built in Mandela Park are for Town Two Back-yarders.

As Mandela Park Back-Yarders we know for a fact that Town Two Back-Yarders are not beneficiaries to this project.  We know that the MEC for Human Settlement in the Western Cape is also involved in this project disruption.

He had been telling lies in the media i.e Radio Zibonela/ KFM e.t.c that he is in constant consultation with Mandela Park Back-Yarders asthey are close in reaching consensus.  Further he would went on to paint a picture that the Mandela Park Back-Yarders are the one who are against the development in projects.

NB= this is the second correspondence to your office from the frustrated community, a frustration that is caused by the people wehave entrusted to deliver service to us.  We once again call upon you Honourable Minister/ CDE to act as a matter of extreme urgent to our cry.  This is in avoidance of any unforeseen circumstances that we foreseebecoming.

Therefore as Mandela Park we are going to fight for our percentage until we are blue in our face.

For further information contact: Khaya on- 0780241683 or Mlungisi on-0786659061

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2 Responses to Dear Honourable Minister Tokyo Sexwale – Re: Second letter on Mandela Park housing crisis

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  2. Lorraine says:

    We live on the very same informal settlement for 50, 41, 39, 21 and 22yrs is that how long you wait in the new south africa to ge a house.

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