Media: Future of Blikkiesdorp unclear

Rafiq Wagiet | EyeWitnessNews

The City of Cape Town says it cannot specify how much longer Blikkiesdorp residents will have to live in the temporary resettlement area.
The Symphony Way venue was established in 2007 for people who had been evicted from other premises.

But the area has since mushroomed to more than 1,000 corrugated iron houses.

Residents said they have not had any answers from the city about their future.

But the city council’s Kylie Hatton said that is because everything is still up in the air.

“At the moment there’s a possibility of a report back within the next month and then from there it will require an assessment, because we also need to look at zoning, planning, regulations, noise corridor parts – because of Delft’s proximity to the airport as well.”

Meanwhile, residents said their living conditions continue to deteriorate.

“We must do anything to survive in Blikkiesdorp – There’s some ladies that steal,” one woman said. Another resident added, “No one is working around here – there’s no income for the people,” while there were also complaints that medical help is very far.

Resident Peter Jacobs told Eyewitness News he feels hopeless.

“The condition we’re living in is very bad – especially in the winter it’s very cold, wet. It rains right through the houses,” he said.

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