Dear Honourable Minister Tokyo Sexwale – Re: Refusal to meet with us by MEC Madikizela

Dear Honourable Minister Tokyo Sexwale,
cc’ Deputy Minister Zoliswa Kota-Fredericks
cc’ Chairperson Beauty Dambuza in the National Assembly
cc’ DHS Director General
cc’ DHS Anti-Fraud & Anti-Corruption Unit

As Mandela Park Backyarders and residents living in Khayelitsha near Cape Town we have decided to skip the rhetoric, and direct our message to you as the National Head for the Human Settlements.

Our direct message to you is the result of being consistently ignored by the Western Cape Minister of Human Settlements Bonginkosi Madikizela.

The housing situation in Mandela Park has been volatile for a very long time and now we call on you as the head of the DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS to come and engage with the M-Park residents on a range of issues that mostly pertain to housing as well as service delivery in General. The urgency of the matter is such that if collective action from leadership (both local and national) and relevant stakeholders is not taken, we could find this situation escalating to more drastic levels through protest and further civil disobedience. These actions, as you know, will often lead to people being attached and injured by police and arrested – which means opening the community to unnecessary criminal charges and animosity (yes another Hangberg).

Our demands are as follows:

  • 50% of the current and future construction in Mandela Park to benefit backyarders in the community.
  • Fast track the rental stock in the area to accommodate those individuals considered to be earning to much to qualify for RDP stock. Just because some of us are working does not mean we can afford expensive bond houses.
  • Investigate further the rotten elements left by Thubelisha Homes in the area. The residents have proof that some of the staff that used to work for Thubelisha are renting out RDP houses to desperate individuals and families. We call upon you to follow this corruption to its core.

Our threats of protest is not always necessary if dialogue amongst people and leadership is honest and forward thinking.

Western Cape Minister for Human Settlement Bonginkosi Madikizela has acknowledged the complexities involving the Mandela Park Housing Crisis but he has failed to work with the community to address this issue. As residents, we simply have no trust that he will ever listen to us again as he is showing crocodile skin characteristics.

He is on a campaign to label himself an innocent by making disturbing statements on a public platform that in M-Park there are groupings that refuse to co-operate with his plans. He is often quoted in media saying he does consult regularly with M-Park leaders and residents including Backyarders to resolve issue and that the crisis doesn’t exist.


A few days ago, Mr Madikizela even had the audacity to come to Mandela Park for a media photo-op at the insistence of an SABC2 report about one house that was invaded 12 years ago. Yet, while in Mandela Park, he refused to meet with the thousands of Backyarders who continue to demand his time.

Today we witness some ‘special’ communities being developed and serviced while residents of Mandela Park are deeply disillusioned. We feel that we have been deserted by those with whom we put our trust. All MEC’s that were elected since 1994 have been unable to resolve the housing problems in our community and there has been little effort from the national government’s side to intervene. There is not even one structure can the City can claim to have erected as part of the desired service delivery in the area since people started to move to M-Park in 1989.

Honourable Minister,. that you are well informed about M-Park struggles is no secret. We also believe that your department was established to find solution to our problem instead of recycling the lies we’ve been fed at the provincial level.

Hence the call for this engagement is urgent as the current construction of houses in the area is also proving to be mismanaged and corrupt. The development in Mandela Park is like a ship without its rudder – this can only end in increased anger in our community.

In an unfortunate circumstance of you not being available to meet with us personally, please ensure that an empowered representative from your office is availed to attend our weekly Sunday mass meetings.

For more information please contact: 0737662078 (Loyiso) or 0780241683 (Khaya)

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2 Responses to Dear Honourable Minister Tokyo Sexwale – Re: Refusal to meet with us by MEC Madikizela

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  2. private says:

    I’ve been staying in my cousin’s RDP house for more than 2yrs now in port elizabeth,she has never ever stayed in her house,first my uncle stayed here,than her brother,than my father,now me,she lives in johannesburg with her husband and children,I’m staying in her house with my 2 children and now she want to put me out withou notice because she want to sell her house for 100 000,I’ve got nowhere to go,is it fair that she has a RDP house who don’t need it,but I who has nowhere to go don’t have one,please help me,where will I go now with my kids it is almost december,please please please

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