Update: A call for a week of informal settlement strike

Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement of South Africa (Western Cape Province)

Home Website: khayelitshastruggles.com or http://www.abahlali.org
Email: abmwesterncape@abahlali.org office admin: 073 2562 936/ 078 760 5246

We appeal to all struggling communities not to be intimidated by cost of damages that occurred during the month of informal settlement strike and these cost might be very high during the last week of August as we are expecting many communities to join us in a protest for a period of a week and our sister organization Abahlali baseMjondolo DBN.As Abahlali baseMjondolo we are saying the costs of damages occurred during this month can not be compared with the cost of damages that affects us on a daily basis. Everyday people die in shack fires which caused by lack of electricity at  informal settlements, and people are victims of communicable infections such as TB and many others which caused by unhygienic conditions which people live under off on a daily basis and we are saying no one can put a value in a human life.

During the last week of August we want everything to stand still at Cape Town, and possibly through out the country.

And we are calling upon all people who are living within informal settlements to support the call by taking to the street and make sure that everything goes to a stand still.

And we saying power to residents of enkani informal settlement who closed a Baden Powel drive last week, residents of TR informal settlements who are consistence in closing Mew Way road, RR informal settlement who closed Lansdowne road for more than three days, Philippi residents who have been consistence in closing down the road and to many other communities who took to the street during this month.

We call to all informal settlements to join our march that goes to parliament on the 28th October 2010 and urge all areas to prepare their own list of demands that they need to be submitted at parliament.

For comment please call or email us @ abmwesterncape@abahlali.org or 0732562036

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