Photos of Hangberg rally and march

Mandela Park Backyarders along with the Poor People’s Alliance and some other social movements joined the march organised by residents of Hangberg in Hout Bay on Sunday.  Well over 1,000 people marched over 6km to Hout Bay Police Station.

Photo by Davison Mudzingwa

It was very important for all of us to make our voices heard about the unacceptable police violence as well as the way the government manipulates the development process in our communities.

However, we were very disappoint to see how, during the march, COSATU allowed itself and the SACP and ANC to take over the march.  While all of them got to speak at the rally, Hangberg residents were not allowed to speak at all with the exception of a one minute slot for a community leader.  Hangberg residents were very angry about this.

We are upset that the ANC alliance is using the resident’s struggle to score political points for next years elections.  We have resolved to meet with Hangberg residents in order to see what they would like to do about this issue.

Photo by Davison Mudzingwa2

Photo by Davison Mudzingwa

Photo by Davison Mudzingwa3

Photo by Davison Mudzingwa

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5 Responses to Photos of Hangberg rally and march

  1. Slolo says:

    Yes! indeed from time to time you will hear ‘PHANTSI NGO HELLEN ZILLE’ & VIVA COSATU,SACP & ANC as if this was their event. The march that was supposed ot be led by Hengergb community turned out to be a political campaign. mah! mamiah!

  2. sharon says:

    `The Hangberg residents wanted support,now Cosatu ,ANC and SACP supported them.If anything happens in other communities then the DA are there to bad mouth the other political parties.The members of Hangberg your issues are with the DA and Helen Zille.Battles are fought with masses not as individuals communities.Cosatu fights these battle daily,let them guide you.COSATU will call on all it’s affiliates for support.Hangberg you need the masses?…………

    • Keep on Keeping On says:

      Sharon is really missing the point. In Durban and Johannesburg COSATU and the SACP are either silent when the poor are evicted and repressed or, like some SACP leaders, they actively support these attacks.

      The ANC aligned organisations only took over the Hangberg protest because they want votes in the coming elections. If they win Cape Town back they’ll evict and repress just like they do in Durban and Johannesburg.

  3. mparkbackyarders says:

    Letter to the Editor by Prof. Martin Legassick

    Your article on the Hout Bay protest rally and march (“Hundreds march over destruction of shacks, 4/10/2010) mentions that the rally in a Hangberg park heard “messages from political parties.” It fails to mention that community-based social movements from across Cape Town, including representatives of the Western Cape Anti Eviction campaign from Gugulethu and Hanover Park, of Abahlali baseMjondolo (Western Cape) from Khayelitsha, and of Mandela Park (Khayelitsha) backyarders also spoke at the rally in solidarity with the residents of Hangberg and condemning the eviction and police brutality (including four people’s eyes shot out) orchestrated by Helen Zille two weeks ago. These social movements mistrust existing political parties, believing that they are purely interested in securing votes for themselves rather than delivering services to communities. COSATU, chairing the rally, welcomly encouraged a diversity of spokespeople. However there was only one one-minute speech from a resident of Hangberg itself, which was very unfortunate. Moreover, at the end of the march, at the police station, the rally was hijacked by the ANC, who in pursuit of their anti-DA local election aspirations, presented the memorandum of Hout Bay residents as if it was their own.

    Martin Legassick
    7 Langton Road,
    Mowbray 7700
    Cell phone: 083-417-6837

  4. Slolo says:

    Sharon is misinformed or blindfolower of the so called pseudo communist in SA.
    People fight their own struggle here with no support from these aforementioned parties. we are not saying they must not be present but clearly taking ownership of the event is undermining merely undermining our communities. Further more SACP, COSATU & ANC are part of the govern..that is causing problems to our people so they are to be hold responsible as well.

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