Media: Residents demand part ownership of Khayelitsha homes

Nathan Adams | 17 Aug 2010 | EyewitnessNews

Cape Town residents on Monday said they would stop the construction of 100 new homes in the Khayelitsha area until they are guaranteed part ownership of the houses.

Building has begun on the new housing development in Section 21 of Mandela Park.

Some of the backyard dwellers said they will not stand by and watch houses being built for people from other areas.
Resident Nosipho Magcoba said in May this year Housing MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela guaranteed they would benefit from the housing scheme.

Magcoba said: “She promised us to give us 180 houses. Now they are busy building another 100 houses for the outsiders of Mandela Park. We want fifty-fifty. We want half of [those] houses for the backyarders and the outsiders. ”

Magcoba said they feel hard done by.

“The outside people from Gugulethu, the other people from Site C, they are the people that are going to get the houses. Not us, the backyarders of Mandela Park because the land is inside Mandela Park.”

(Edited by Lisa Bartlett)

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One Response to Media: Residents demand part ownership of Khayelitsha homes

  1. Slolo says:

    It is clear that the Human Settlement Department is ignoring M-Park citizen. There is an unfair practice by the department which is more likely to cause suffering on M-Park than any other community. Makade & Others are exploiting government resources an no one is taking us serious whn we raise these issue. Lets show them we can do it on our own. No house no vote!

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