Solidarity: Camp of squatters

Hi, Shehaam

We as the Blikkies Informal Committee tried to negotiate with the City of Cape Town for the past two weeks to accommodate the 11 families outside the entrance of Blikkiesdorp (Tin Can Town). The families included children of 3/6mnth, 6yrs, 13yrs. Since then no proper food / safety shelter was provided.

Since then they were forcefully removed from the gates by the militant forces of the City’s Law Enforcement Agencies & the SA Defence Force but all their belongings are still at the gate.Trevor Mitchell, Manager Informal Settlement descripe the conditions as following for a recipient / shack owner to qualify:

>To be evicted by landlords/ slumlord
>Involved in fire
>Involved in flooding
>Squatter / bergie

Has the emergency policy change all of a sudden?

For more info contact:
Willy (Spokesperson Blikkies Informal Committee)- 073 144 3619
Tando- 071 792 6439
Mndaba- 073 419 5449

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