Open letter to the Minister of Human Settlements in the Western Cape

27 July 2010

Dear Mr. Madikizela (M.E.C for Human Settlements)

The Mandela-Park-Back-Yarders would like to extend words of appreciation to the intervention played by the DOH regarding the house of the Finca and Magcoba Family last week. We are looking forward to a fair outcome.

First and foremost it must be clear that the Backyarders hold a view that any acts of corruption on the poor and innocent is tantamount to killing our dignity and those who commit such acts should be brought to books and be shamed.

Mr. Zalisile Mbali (your spokesperson) highlighted at the recent meeting that the DOH was not aware of the problem with the home of the Finca & Magcoba family and other corruption related housing issues in Mandela Park. At the meeting, Mr Mbali gave the impression that our grievances are possibly being hidden by Steering Committee and by Sebra Ltd whom have been outsourced to manage the houses in question. We are surprised and worried that Mbali claims that he does not know what is going on in out communities. Does information get transmitted so slowly by the Ward 97 Steering Committee to the DOH? These are pressing matters around the possible erection of 100 housing units in Mandela Park. Things are heating up once again. People are angry.

Most of these problems can be avoided and/or resolved in advance if things are done with dignity and honesty. However, with the way things are happening, its clear there is also an attempt to sideline Mandela Park residents from the housing development which is about to take place in our own backyard despite what the councillor told M-Park residents a month ago. Protest will always re-occur when big projects are done without a fair contract with the host community – especially when taking into account the history of the housing crisis in Mandela Park.

As we are told, the DOH will be paying a visit to our community in 2 weeks time. It will be nice if solutions to housing log jam will be prioritised and our needs are listened to.

Once again as the Mandela Park Back-Yarders were are willing to re-establish a direct communication with the DOH. We want to talk but our engagement must be meaningful. No more false promises otherwise we feel that the current lip-service given to us will lead to unnecessary warfare.

Secretary – Mandela Park Backyarders
Ms. Nosipho Kwepile

Reply by Zalisile Mbali:

> Hi Ms Kwepile
> This is to appreciate your capturing of the minutes of the meeting on Thursday and Friday 22&23/07/10 as you might have been asked by your organisation to do so. We humble appreciate your effort in communicating the out comes of the meeting. However I must categorically correct you on the wrong impression you might have received from me.
> On that note, the Steering Committee was represented by Mr Makade and their Secretary up to thus far they have not shared and discomfort in a manner in which I have handled both these meeting.
> For records, together with your organisation and the steering committee I am committed to deal with this issue up to the end.
> Kind Regards
> Zalisile Mbali
> Media Liaison Officer
> Ministry of Housing
> Tel: 021 483 4798
> Fax: 021 483 3888
> Mobile: 084 558 9989
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One Response to Open letter to the Minister of Human Settlements in the Western Cape

  1. Slolo says:

    Mmhh….as the M-Park resident myself i feel tempted to get up and do something.
    OoLouiso are doing a wonderful job in fighting for the voiceless.
    I registered 3 times since 1995 & none of those is still succesful.
    here is the deal- no more political campaigns this yr until our houses are built.
    The media liason officer better commit for a real deal.

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