Mandela Park Backyarders to march peacefully on Housing MEC at 9am this morning

Press Alert for Mandela Park
Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hundreds of backyard dwellers living in Mandela Park will be marching this morning (11 Nov) at 9am in protest at the Housing MEC’s handover of houses without any local residents benifiting.

We are angry at continuing lies the the MEC has made towards our community.  We are angry that the MEC has publically refused to work with us or to allow us to benifit because he thinks that we are “hooligans”.  The MEC has no right to play favourites in housing allocation.  He has been mandated by South African citizens to serve all South Africans living in the Western Cape – not only the ones who kiss up to him.  He therefore has no right to exclude us backyard dwellers from benifiting from housing built in our own backyards!

Click here for background information on this issue.

For more information, contact:

Mabhuti at 082 9978 475
Loyiso at 073 7662 078
Sluja at 071 4331 101

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