Open letter from a concerned Mandela Park backyarder

Just My point of View!
Letter to the MEC for Housing WC

NOTE: Mr MEC, Mandela Park has More than 8000 Backyarders not 23 or 53 or whatever number you play around with!

First and foremost I would like to extend a word of gratitude to all that supported us in our struggle with the state law machinery that attempted to lock 23 landless people of Mandela Park behind bars. For your information Mr MEC, with the power of the people’s movement those comrades have subsequently been released with all the charges against them dropped.  However there is still a cloud hanging because you have threatened to re-instate the charges. No one knows really how you are going to pull that one off because even your “trusted cops” are sick and tired of having to clean up the politicians’ mess after every service delivery protest. You and your political buddies fail to deliver basic services to the people, break promises made at election time and when the people uprise, the poor under-paid policemen has to run around chasing the so called “vandals”. I would suggest that you Mr MEC build decent houses for the police as well, because some of them are in fact Mandela Park Backyarders; maybe you will have a better chance that way!
Branding people Vandals and Hooligans will not help either. You have been quoted in the media saying that “you will stop at nothing to ensure that the full force of the law will have to be applied to bring those vandals to book”; well thats such a noble thought Mr MEC! Let me remind you sir that: THE PEOPLE OF MANDELA PARK WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO  ENSURE THAT THE FULL FORCE OF MASS MOBILISATION WILL BE APPLIED TO BRING POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE!

In the very same media you have again been economical with the truth (I’m not mentioning anything about those dreaded 23 houses you “NEVER PROMISED” to the people of Mandela Park who have been waiting for more than 2 decades to get decent shelter. I’m sure the number 23 is starting to give you nightmares). You have been quoted as saying that only last week you met with Mandela Park back yarders to explain whatever you explained about those 23 houses you “NEVER PROMISED”. Well…Mandela Park starts from section 19 to section 23 (that number again!) and no one has seen you here since that day you “NEVER PROMISED 23 HOUSES” in July…Oh wait, some people caught a glimpse of you here checking out the 46, is it 49? or 40? whatever.. “petrol bombed” houses at “R 1million worth of damage” (wow,I didn’t know anyone could that accurate in estimation by just looking around at a few broken windows and burnt walls).  An old lady of the community and some snorty little boys said you came around here with 23 Body guards! I was not there when the one house was being torched, but on lookers tell me that a group of young boys used “23″ pieces of timber to set it on fire. I’m sure you MISUNDERSTOOD that then for petrol bombs, just like the Mandela Park Backyarders MISUNDERSTOOD you about the 23 houses YOU PROMISED!

A humble little word of advice honorable MEC: just come to Mandela Park and explain that we MISUNDERSTOOD you the last time you “NEVER PROMISED” ANY HOUSES, YOU ONLY PROMISED THAT THE BACKYARDERS WILL BE “CONSIDERED” JUST IN CASE THERE ARE 23 HOUSES THAT HAVE BENEFICIARIES FROM SITE C OR GUGULETHU THAT YOUR DEPARTMENT IS UNABLE TO TRACE SINCE THE 53 HOUSES ALL HAD ALREADY BEEN ALLOCATED (phew!confusing isnt it?).  Basically you claim you said that you came to Mandela Park and told 3000 desperate and angry people that there are 53 houses, 30 people have been traced already all from Gugulethu and Site C and the BackYarders of Mandela Park must <em>Pray like Hell</em> that you do not trace the other 23 beneficiaries so that they will then be considered? BULLSHIT! Otherwise you would not have left that hall in one piece!

Please get back to me so I can organise you 8000 Bodyguards the nextime you come around.

Concerned BackYarder,

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