Khayelitsha residents: ‘We want jobs on project’

Note: Group Five also owns part of the new Gugulethu Square Mall where Gugulethu residents have also been protesting to force Group Five to employ more local residents.

Anna Majavu – The Sowetan
10 September 2009

Angry Khayelitsha residents are up in arms after being excluded from jobs on the site of a R469million hospital being built in the area by Group Five.

About 400 people from Mandela Park yesterday blockaded the entrance to the construction site, and vowed to continue their protest today.

The residents dispersed after the Khayelitsha Development Forum, a community-based organisation working with government and Group Five on the hospital, promised to meet them last night.

Community spokesperson Max Ntanyana said: “We want the project committee to empower us by employing us and transferring skills.”

Ntanyana said the KDF was involved in a conflict of interests, alleging that “some of its members have companies which are sub- contractors on the site”.

Simon Manelli of the Western Cape department of public works said “the KDF is a legitimate community organisation. We have no right to say we are sidelining it”.

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